The Outrageous Case of Matt Hale

 The political railroading of Reverend Matthew F. “Matt” Hale constitutes, quite clearly, one of the most outrageous offenses against constitutional principles and the civil liberties guaranteed Americans by our founding fathers. Hale’s case is one American citizens concerned with police state tyranny need to know about….


The Lie of Equal Rights Under The Law
Evelyn Hutcheson Interview

Carolyn Yeager speaks with Evelyn Hutcheson, mother of Reverend Matt Hale. Ms. Hutcheson describes new efforts to free the founder of The New Church of the Creator, now called The Creativity Movement, from the 40-year prison sentence of which he has already served 11 years…. Click icons below to listen to the full podcast or read the original interview.


The Railroading Of Matt Hale
Commentary By Attorney Edgar J. Steele

Matt Hale has been railroaded, ramrodded and gulled by the very system which now presumes to pass sentence and punish him for crimes he did not commit. Matt Hale is a political prisoner in every sense of the word. Keep an open mind for the next few minutes and see if you don’t agree…. Click the link below to read full article.

Matt’s Mom Speaks Out

The judge sentenced Matt using the sentencing guidelines used to sentence a terrorist. Matt isn’t a terrorist. He gave Matt a 40-year sentence. Matt has been in solitary confinement at Florence Supermax prison for over 12 years for a crime he never committed. He is innocent…. Click link to read Evelyns full statement.

A Message From Matt

It is a joy for me to finally be able to speak to all of you through my newly enabled email capability, forwarded to you by my great crusader, my dear mother! …I am at long last with you again in this format and I have great hopes that together we will make the most of that possible… Click link below to read Matt’s full message.

Letter Writing Campaign

Why don’t we practice writing some short letters, influence the people that have the power to free Matt, and practice saying the things that we want and need to say to other supporters that don’t know they are supporters yet? I feel strongly that not only is this the right thing to do, but it is way past the time to do it… Click article below.